Urban planning

Often involved in the urban planning process with local authorities and operators, SAS ART PROJECT is able to assist you in the elaboration of urban planning master plans and the development of large projects.

We are able to quickly develop feasibility studies on operations, which can be used as a framework for the setting up of OAPs.


The core business of SAS ART PROJECT is the conception of buildings with a perfect knowledge of the mountain environment and with an approach that respects the architectural heritage and its urban planning.

SAS ART PROJECT has a particular sensitivity for the environment and the perfect integration of the project, as well as a technical expertise in the design and construction of buildings with a low environmental footprint.

Project Management

Project management or Site supervision is one of the options offered by SAS ART PROJECT.

From the building permit to the acceptance of the executed works. This mission can also be delegated depending on the importance of the projects.

Interior design

The design of the interior spaces is a primary concern for SAS ART PROJECT.

The top-of-the-range layout of the volumes and circulation for optimum habitability will be the object of constant attention and inventiveness.


The agency is able to accompany you in your project and this until the decoration of your spaces. The luxurious design of the fixed furniture, the choice of textiles and furniture with local partners.

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